Developing a 21st Century Workforce in Georgia…
                           By Empowering Every Student with the Tools to Succeed

“Every child in Georgia deserves the opportunity to embrace their skills and pursue an educational path that challenges them intellectually and prepares them for the modern workforce.  Teachers and local school systems deserve the flexibility to offer every student the most effective learning environment for their individual needs.”

- Lt. Governor Casey Cagle

Lt. Govenor Visits with school childern


One student can have an entirely different learning style from the next and can boast a unique skill set that might not fit a particular academic environment. Sadly, many young men and women lose interest in seeking a high school diploma or an advanced degree because they do not see the significance in what they are learning. 

Georgia must find a way to take essential academic courses and integrate them with hands-on, relevent education.  All students deserve an opportunity to pursue an educational path that will lead to a well-paying job.  It is imperative Georgia seeks innovative solutions to effectively help each child prepare for a 21st Century workforce.

Where Georgia needs to be:

  • The core of educational reform needs to be a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the individual child and give teachers who have the freedom to create the right learning environment for the classroom. 
  • That freedom includes allowing students choices on which academic path that will cater to their interests and learning style. 
  • Just as Georgia needs young men and women following higher educational paths at 4-year colleges, there is an urgent need to embrace students wanting to join a highly skilled workforce equipped with the training and tools to compete with other job seekers across the nation in a high-tech 21st Century job market. 

Floyd County Ribbon Cutting

What Georgia is doing to get there:

This fundamental change in how students are taught here in Georgia is something Lt. Governor Cagle has passionately fought for during his time as a public servant.  He has led the charge to ensure every child in Georgia has the ability to pursue their own path towards a quality education.

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